Launch high-impact climate programs anywhere you meet your customers

We build and deliver trusted climate compensation programs for your travelers, corporate customers, and air cargo. CHOOOSE integrates seamlessly into your customer journeys, helping you power climate-friendly experiences and facilitate large-scale climate action.

CHOOOSE enterprise-grade APIs and widgets can be integrated seamlessly into your core business to help meet industry decarbonization targets.

Select your Carbon Program


Consumer travel

Enable your consumer travelers to seamlessly calculate and offset the emissions of their flights – and follow the performance of your carbon program in real-time.

Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) • Nature-based solutions • Carbon removal • Renewable energy • Community projects • Blue carbon

Corporate customers

Enable your corporate customers to keep track of their carbon footprint through monthly reporting, with easy access to offset their corporate air travels.

Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) • Nature-based solutions • Carbon removal • Renewable energy • Community projects • Blue carbon

Air freight customers

Enable your cargo and air freight partners to compensate for their carbon emissions through trusted climate projects.

Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) • Nature-based solutions • Carbon removal • Renewable energy • Community projects • Blue carbon

We deliver your all-in-one climate toolkit

Our Carbon Programs include:

✓ Carbon calculations
✓ Technical administration
✓ Carbon reporting
✓ Branded carbon portals
✓ Offset payments
✓ Marketing materials
✓ Customer analytics
✓ Climate project curation

The climate API for travel companies

Launch a carbon program for your consumer customers

CHOOOSE provides enterprise-grade APIs and widgets to power climate calculations and compensation options within any digital experience. Whether integrated into your customer checkout flow or embedded on your website, the only thing needed from your customer is their travel itinerary. Help your customers offset the emissions of their flights – while you follow the performance of your program in real-time.

Launch a carbon program for your corporate customers

Support your corporate customers’ sustainability strategies by introducing a Corporate Carbon Program. Our bespoke, branded portals help your partners keep track of their organization’s carbon footprint, with monthly carbon reports and a beautifully simple offsetting experience. Our carbon advisory team has curated a diverse set of high-impact climate solutions for your partners to choose from. Track, learn and report on your facilitated climate impact from your carbon account.

Launch a carbon program for your air freight customers

CHOOOSE helps your partners compensate for their air freight by calculating and offsetting the carbon footprint of their cargo. It’s all handled seamlessly from a dedicated company portal, where partners can also track and follow their positive climate impact. All communications are handled by our expert team, who will also send monthly carbon reports and provide updated access to some of the highest-impact climate projects currently available.

Connect your business with trusted climate action

From Sustainable Aviation Fuel and nature-based solutions to carbon removal, CHOOOSE offers updated access to diverse climate solutions from which you can select to power your organization's Carbon Program. Our climate solutions are compliant with the most comprehensive international standards and operational best practices, and we work hands-on with our partners to find the solutions that best match their values and objectives.

Our climate solutions

Make your carbon footprint count

"Together we are offering a best-in-class solution for our customers"

Geir Karlsen

CEO, Norwegian

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